Heardat User Manual Version 3.0 and FAQ’s Version 2.1

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Welcome to Heardat!  Our passion is to ensure practice growth for you, ease processes and maximize the resources and time that you spend in your practice. Heardat truly makes working ON your practice versus working IN your practice so much easier!

Congratulations on taking this step in your practice! Ultimately, we know that you will not regret allowing Heardat to be part of your practice. We do however want you to know that Heardat is the vehicle in the practice, but we need you to drive the vehicle. We have seen significant results in practices that have truly embraced Heardat and have gotten all their staff on board. The truth about Heardat is – the more you put in, the more you get out.

Take the time to get to know and understand Heardat. When truly understanding all the functionality that it offers, you can customize it to your specific needs – because no one knows your practice and patients like you do!

 The Heardat Training manual was developed to assist you with some steps in Heardat and to understand how it’s functionality and all the features come together. The wonderful thing about Heardat is that it is constantly being developed, updated and improved. This does however imply that certain aspects of Heardat is not always updated in the manual or in the FAQ document. We will aim to keep this manual updated as frequently as possible and the latest version will always be available on the Heardat Website. Please bear with us in the case of minor discrepancies and contact us for assistance if the manual does not provide the answers you are looking for! If you do notice any discrepancies, we will also appreciate it if you could inform us so that we are sure to keep it updated!

The manual will take you through the systematic process of when a patient register at your practice for the first time and all the ‘back end’ functionality for you to understand. It is however worth mentioning that due to the very integrated and very complex nature of Heardat there may be ‘jumping’ between sections and cross referring between sections at times for effective explanation and demonstration of functionality.

Download the Heardat User Manual Version 2.1 here:


Download the Heardat FAQ’s Version 1.0 here:

Heardat FAQ Version 2.1

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