Designed for Audiologists to effortlessly save time
and ensure practice growth.


Heardat-Effortless patient data management Icon
Effortless patient data management

Nope, it’s never been this easy!
Access your patient’s entire data-profile by the click of a button.

Heardat-Automated reminders Icon
Automated reminders

Don’t remind yourself to remind others…. We GOT THIS!
Heardat is designed to send automated communication

Heardat-Thank referrals Icon
Thank referrals

Automated “Thank you” communications to your referring GP or ENT for the referral and let them know that their patient will be well taken care of.

Heardat-Specific target marketing Icon
Specific target marketing

Quit throwing money at marketing schemes that continuously sucks your cash flow dry!
Allow Heardat to assist you in providing the ideal customer value proposition.

Heardat-Improve your practice or patient relationships Icon
Improve your practice/patient relationships

The best way to increase customer retention and generate more leads via word of mouth! 86% of patients will remain at the same practice when regular communication is present.

Heardat-Monitor your Return on Investment Icon
Monitor your Return on Investment

Let your pink piggy bank explode!
Heardat guarantees exponential growth in your practice by successfully implementing the system alongside existing marketing tools.

Heardat-Increase your practice’s value Icon
Increase your practice’s value

You probably know the value of your equipment and money can buy that but maintaining a good relationship with patients costs a lot of time, experience and emotion.

Heardat-Cost effective Icon
Cost effective

The saying goes; “To make money you need to spend money…”
We at Heardat hate that saying! Cleverly designed software innovatively saves you money by rapidly reducing admin costs. 

Heardat is a web based CRM system that focuses on the Audiology Practice and the service delivery to its patients.

What do other say...

  • Janah du Plessis

    This system is a game changer in the field of Audiology. A huge gap has finally been filled!

    Janah du Plessis
    Audiologist - Pretoria East
  • Yolande van der Westhuizen

    In today’s day & age with the challenges that our industry is facing – we need to change. Change our thinking and our approach. The one single thing that I feel that will continue to distinguish our profession from threatening business practices is our SERVICE and RELATIONSHIP with our patients. Heardat has made an enormous difference in our practice and we are seeing the positive repsonse & feedback from patients. Since we started using the system, one of our audiologists has come up with the saying: “Heardat is alldat you needdat”! I totally agree! I would not go without it ever again!!

    Yolande van der Westhuizen
  • Lindi Le Roux

    We started with a data base last year on excel. We had to send out reminders manually to our patients – this was so time consuming!!! Thanks to heardat everything is automatic, saving us time and like we know, time is money--- and as an added bonus heardat generates money by bringing back old patients for their yearly hearing test and upgrades on their hearing aids.

    Lindi Le Roux
    Middelburg Hearing Centre
  • Eloise Moll

    Heardat provides you with easy access to your patients profiles, showing you exactly what type of accessories are needed, battery sizes and service/ warranty dates – making it easier for your receptionist in assisting patients with their needs. Heardat is creating a closer relationship between Audiologists and their patients.

    Eloise Moll
  • Lisa Calligaro

    We have really seen the benefit of using Heardat as our CRM system. We are able to connect with our patients easily and effectively and this adds to our relationship with them and greatly improves our service levels. Charl has been so helpful in setting up Heardat as well as being available for training, queries or implementing new ideas we have had!

    Lisa Calligaro
    Audiologist - Johannesburg South
  • Deirdre Ferreira

    Die Hear Clearly Groep het lank gesoek en geworstel om ‘n geskikte data- basis program te verkry , wat ten volle in ons unieke en verskillende behoeftes, voldoen. Vanaf die normale ontvangsdame , rekening afdeling,tot die direkteur, kan van Heardat informasie bekom, wat sy/haar behoefte bevredig.

    Die gemak waarmee data ONMIDDELLIK gedeel word tussen ons kamers ,wat wyd-en syd strek, maak dit ‘n groot plesier om mee te werk.

    Heardat is nie net nog ‘n data insamelings en verspreidings program nie! Dit laat toe dat ‘n maatskappy sy eie unieke boodskappe en kommunikasie kan sms of epos, wat die ontvanger daarvan laat vergeet, dat dit eintlik gerekenaariseerd is, en hulle die boodskap ontvang, asof dit ‘n persoonlik boodskap, vir hulself is.

    Ons kliente is oorsteld van vreugde met sulke eposse om hulle geluk te wens met hulle verjaarsdae , en antwoord daarop op terug, hoe hulle dit opreg waardeer, dat ons hulle, op hierdae onthou.

    Dit laat ‘n maatskappy weereens die waarde van kommunikasie besef, tussen homself en die klient ,en dit is juis hierdie eienskap van HEARDAT wat homself van ander data-basis inligtigings programme, onderskei.

    Baie dankie Heardat dat julle ALTYD bereid is, om die persoonlike behoeftes van die Hear Clearly Groep in julle program,te akkomodeer.

    Deirdre Ferreira
  • Luana Laubscher

    I'm so happy that the company decided to go the #Heardat route. The immediacy of the program is fantastic. As our branches are numerous and spread all over the Eastern Cape and Garden Route, the patient information is shared among the branches in a fast efficient manner. There are good security measures in place, and we know that our database is safe and secure.

    Furthermore, its a breeze to communicate with our patients, via email or sms, without having to use the telephone for people that struggle to hear effectively on mobile devices. Our accounts department finds the sms facility an enormous help. A return response is almost immediate, alleviating the necessity of repeated telephone calls to settle accounts. The delight shown by our patients who receive a birthday messages is an indication that Heardat provides the personal touch despite it being a computer generated message.

    The system is user-friendly, and should the need arise for assistance, the team at Heardat is available immediately

    Luana Laubscher
    Hear Clearly Group

95% Paperless
Efficient | Effective | Economic

Dashboard and Practice Overview

Start your day by knowing exactly what is going on in your practice. Who’s birthday it is – How many appointment –

Total patients – Reminders – Communications Sent – Services in progress. One touch, easy access!


Patient Dashboard

Relief! There’s no more need to call for a search party just to determine what size battery a particular patient uses.

With walk in patients or patient calls you can effortlessly access extensive patient information such as;

Personal Info – Contact Details – Last & Next visit date – Hearing Aid Info – Service and Warranty Dates – Capture Patient Profile Pictures and even send instant communications.

Graphs & Reports

Indeed a handy tool! See how many patients you have consulted by making use of extremely helpful filters such as;

Dates – Procedure types – Referral sources.

By providing you with this data we’re making Target Specific Marketing a walk in the park!



Your patients deserve the best customer service,

You want peace of mind and

Your practice needs Heardat!