Tailor-made system designed for the Audiologist / Acoustician practice developed by Hearing Professionals and Business Marketing experts in the industry.

  • The only locally developed integrated CRM to date that gives the Audiologist full control over marketing, detailed patient information and automated communication.
  • Functionalities such as summary reports and graphs make this tool a necessity in any Audiology practice that is keen on return on investment principles.
  • Cost effective and absolute minimum hardware requirements.
  • Extremely well-designed and easy to use.
  • Added functionalities: accounting platform with real-time claims and practice calendar plug-in. An “all you need” solution.
  • Statically projections guarantee growth and promise to save time, money and the hassle of certain administrative duties.
Heardat-Effortless patient data management Icon
Effortless patient data management

Nope, it’s never been this easy!

Access your patient’s entire data-profile by the click of a button.

Personal Info, hearing aid info, audiograms, profile picture and so much more

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Heardat-Automated reminders Icon
Automated reminders

Don’t remind yourself to remind others…. We GOT THIS!

Heardat is designed to send automated communication such as;

  • Welcome text/email
  • Annual hearing test reminder
  • Annual hearing aid service reminder
  • Hearing aid warranty expiry reminder
  • Hearing aid service dates
  • Practice reminder for special follow up visits /personal edge
  • Practice reminder of when the patient is possibly due for upgrade by medical aid
  • New hearing aid fitting – nurture cycle
  • Birthday text/email
  • Automatically sends thank you communications to other medical professionals and other professionals who referred patients to the practice

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Heardat-Thank referrals Icon
Thank referrals

Automated “Thank you” communications…

…to your referring GP or ENT for the referral and let them know that

their patient will be well taken care of.

Heardat also thanks your existing patients for being superstars and referring new patients to you practice.

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Heardat-Specific target marketing Icon
Specific target marketing

Quit throwing money at marketing schemes that continuously sucks your cash flow dry!

Monitor your sales leads. Determine your niche market and get the right product to the right patient.

Allow Heardat to assist you in providing the ideal customer value proposition.

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Heardat-Improve your practice or patient relationships Icon
Improve your practice/patient relationships

Oh yes! The best way to increase customer retention and generate more leads via word of mouth!

86% of patients will remain at the same practice when regular communication is present. Exactly what Heardat was designed to do! Like in any relationship, constant communication is the key to a mutual satisfaction! Let Heardat take care of that so you may have more time!

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Heardat-Monitor your Return on Investment Icon
Monitor your Return on Investment

Let your pink piggy bank explode!

Did you know?

What is the average return on investment ratio for one dollar spent by implementing a reputable CRM System?

$8.57. (Source: Nucleus Research)

Heardat guarantees exponential growth in your practice by successfully implementing the system alongside existing marketing tools.

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Heardat-Increase your practice’s value Icon
Increase your practice’s value

You probably know the value of your equipment and money can buy that but…

…maintaining a good relationship with patients costs a lot of time, experience and emotion. Yes…you guessed right. Heardat is the answer!

And should you perhaps would like to sell your practice a proper CRM that is in use increases your practice value up to 70%.

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Heardat-Cost effective Icon
Manage your accounting needs

Having 3 systems to manage your practice is completely ineffective. Build relationships with your patients, keep track of processes in the practice and manage your patient accounts – all from ONE system!

Heardat now has integrated stand-alone accounting software. Streamlining processes in your practice has never been this simple!

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