Heardat is a web-based Accounting and Client Relationship Management system that has been specifically developed for Audiologists.

All patient data is stored on a 100% secure cloud.

Because we at Heardat know that there is no greater priority for Healthcare Professionals than the safety and security of their data, we have responded to that accordingly in designing software that ultimately protects your data.

All data such as the patient’s very first name to the smallest hearing aid battery the patient uses. All the information you need by the click of a button. Gone are the days of spending valuable time searching endlessly for a patient’s file just to figure out what domes they use, device service dates, type of battery or even when they are due for an upgrade.

After signing up, the user will immediately enjoy the full benefits of this tailor-made CRM system. Packages are custom to each practice’s needs. Basic training will be provided via Zoom or our online operational manual will always be available. Let alone the fact that Heardat was designed bearing a few key aspects in mind under which the most important one is; SIMPLICITY.

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Should the practice have an existing database of their patients, it can conveniently be imported into Heardat by only following a few simple steps. We setup the necessary templates and you are on your way to make your practice more successful than you could’ve ever dreamed of. All you’ll have to do from here onwards is make sure the patient’s data and procedure is captured correctly and Heardat will do the rest!

The system is really easy to use and one catches on in no time…

By saying “do the rest” we mean that Heardat will automatically send out communications for certain occasions such as; birthdays, welcome notes, annual hearing tests, hearing aid service dates, warranty expiry warnings, thank professionals and existing patients for referring a new patient etc. Furthermore Heardat can even check in on those fragile patients whose been fitted with hearing aids for the first time. Surely you will be amazed of what Heardat can do for your practice. It’s been made to work for you

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